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Time-lapse reveals to us a new perception of processes occurring every day. These slow movements in time can only be made visable by speeding up the process.

Immerse yourself in an time-lapse archive full of time travel through unique atmospheric sequences. Video Download of Full HD Time-Lapse Video Footage Clips - accelerated images in high quality.

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Time Lapse Video Footage Clips

Northern Lights Timelapse - "Lights In The Dark"

Footage Download of  TIME-LAPSE VIDEO STOCK FOOTAGE including a great variety of footage clips in HD / Full HD (High Definition) quality for HD video download. These timelapse video footage films are produced using the latest digital cameras. For photographing a series of images for timelapse video, both digital and digital reflex cameras are used to achieve a particularly high quality up to “4K”- Quality (higher than cinema resolution). This means a sharp, richness of detail and colours, which otherwise can not be obtained. Choose your HD video footage clips, send your request and the timelapse videos will be prepared for footage download so you can easily use them in your projects.

The stock of HD video footage is continuously expanding with new films on a daily basis. The latest videos to be added can be called up by clicking on LATEST. By clicking on SEARCH you will find the most appropriate timelapse movies for your project.

All video clips are assigned licences, which you may simply choose in accordance with your project. Then you may choose the desired resolution and have the licence fee calculated. For further information on the licences, see INFO

Choose your time-lapse videos, add the time-lapse properties and send your request and the selected time-lapse video footage clips will be prepared for video download.

Discounts for multiple orders: 3 clips or more 5% discount, 5 clips or more 7,5% discount, 10 clips or more 10% discount


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HD video stock footage of time-lapse video clips by TEMPONAUT  from different high definition subject matter. The time-lapse HD stock footage categories with HD video download include time-lapse loops, time-lapse of fruit, time-lapse of plants, animal time-lapse, traffic time-lapse, city time-lapse, time-lapse of landscapes, time-lapse of the sunrise and sunsets, water time-lapse, moon time-lapse and cloud time-lapse.